About the band

Llørenz was founded in 2015 when Xavi showed Vennen the songs he was working on too, and they started to record “When the music”. From this moment on they started to work together with several songs like a game between the two, without showing them to anyone, more like a personal entertainment.

In October of the same year after enjoying a live concert in el Guitar Shop in Sitges of the duo kraut-pop Holögrama from Cadiz, they decided to give the project a push and work the structures and prepare the songs to be able to show in a live concert.

In less then a month, coincidently, an opportunity presented itself. The opening act that was supposed to open for the quintet IX! In the circle of concerts organized by the cultural collective, La Palmera Torta canceled only one week before the concert. Xavi, a founding member of the Association, convince Chosky, one of the best guitarists he knows to join him. After a week of intense practice, they went up on stage. The 7th of November 2015, Llørenz have their first concert in La Cava Club del Retiro in Sitges with a surprise for the audience and friends, that becomes completely delighted with the new musical approach.

After the premiere, Hanne writes more lyrics for the compositions of Xavi and they added a new member to the band, Gerard. In the present, the official members of Llørenz are Xavi (production, percussion, sequencing) and Vennen (Voice, keys, percussion, guitar and flute) + Guest musicians