Vennen is the youngest and the least experienced of Llørenz.

When she was younger she played the flute and french horn for the school band. She also bought a keyboard that she never learned how to play properly. She took part in several choirs, but never as lead vocals.  Vennen has always been passionate about singing, but here shyness prevented here from singing in front of anyone.

At age 16 she started writing here first lyrics that she saved in a book that was never shown to anyone. One of the first songs she wrote was ”Vært her”, that originally was written in English and now translated into Norwegian and transformed into the song.

Growing up in the 90´s, here favorite music has always been pop. Christina Aguilera is here main inspiration.

For Vennen, the most important part of the songs is without a doubt the lyrics. Vennen It is the main lyricist of Llørenz, where she combines real life experience with inspired histories of here great imagination.