Xavi is the composer, producer and the core center of Llørenz.

His interest in music started at the beginning of the 80`s, listening to Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and music from the 60`s. At a young age, he started working as a DJ mixing different styles of music. Xavi studied musical engineer and started working for a radio in Barcelona. As a musician, his first group was called Marie`s Love, a trio where he played the drums. In the same period, he starts producing electronic music in his home studio.

In 2004, he takes part as the drummer for Three Colors, a band led by an English friend that lived in the wave of punk from the 70´s in England. After several concerts in the Catalunya aria and recording one demo, the group was dissolved after only a year of life.

In 2006 Xavi is the first drummer for S.A.L. Since the beginning of the 2000´s Xavi has not stopped composing and producing music in his home studio. The songs are saved safely on a hard disk that to this day he has no idea where is.